5 High Quality Hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Millions of tourists visit Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, every year. This tropical destination is popular for its vibrant wildlife and a captivating tropical climate. However, if you want your experience at Manuel Antonio to be truly remarkable, you have to stay at the location’s top hotels.

Here are the five best hotels to stay in while vacationing in Manuel Antonio:

1. The Preserve At Los Altos Resort


Considered as one of the greatest hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, The Preserve at Los Altos Resort & Spa offers a unique vacationing experience consisting of both luxury and access to the country’s enticing and natural tropical beauty. Guests at this hotel can enjoy an exclusive, relaxing and world-class comfort without losing touch with nature. The services at the hotel are also a great plus for the guests. You will be happy to know that while some high quality hotels in this list will not allow kids, this hotel welcomes the whole family, and has all the activities necessary to ensure every family member enjoys a fulfilling stay. Of course, you will also enjoy the best of Costa Rican animal and plant life while staying at the hotel and have easy access to the beach.

2. Tulemar Bungalows & Villas


Tulemar Bungalows and Villas is easily the leading luxury establishment for visitors to this exciting Costa Rican destination for a number of reasons. In addition to great views of the immediate surrounding, you will enjoy five-star treatment and a natural and rejuvenating ambiance. The exclusivity the bungalows and villas offer make this one of the best honeymoon destinations in Costa Rica. The hospitality establishment also offers access to a private beach, and a broad selection of luxurious personal services that will make your time at the hotel unforgettable. You will also enjoy wildlife sightings and enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the property, even when at the beach!

3. Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Hotel


If you want to commune with nature and experience the best of Costa Rica’s natural beauty when in Manuel Antonio, Hotel Arenas del Mar is the way to do it. The top class hotel holds a prestigious award for being one of the most sustainable hotels. More importantly, you will enjoy ample balconies, an opportunity to hike in the rain forest, and easy access to Manuel Antonio beaches. Additionally, you will be within walking distance of the famed Manuel Antonio National Park, the centerpiece of this region’s tourism industry.

4. Gaia Hotel & Reserve


Gaia Hotel and Reserve is an award winning hospitality setup that allows you to enjoy your tropical getaway in Costa Rica in utmost luxury. Nothing will compare to the great views of the wild natural surroundings the hotel’s suites and villas will offer you. You will also have multiple premium services at your beck and call when staying at this hotel. For instance, you will have access to round-the-clock room service, a spa, gym, a pool, an on-site restaurant as well as other great personal services. You can even bring your pets. As with any other world-class hotel, this hotel offers an environmentally friendly environment for its guests.

5. Hotel Parador Resort And Spa


This hotel will give you a breathtaking vacationing experience as you visit this popular tropical destination. In addition to enjoying top-notch hotel services while at Hotel Parador Resort and Spa, you will have a chance to see the gorgeous ocean, a intriguing rain forest, various forms of wildlife including sloths, monkeys and the like. In the ocean, you might even get a glimpse of some whales. The fully-furnished rooms you will have at this hotel will offer you a view of the jungle and the ocean. Extras for guests include free Wi-Fi, and access to great restaurants and bars among other things. You can also enjoy a relaxing massage and other spa services. While at this hotel, you can also follow one of the many hiking trails present so that you can have a better experience of the bustling jungle that surrounds this great hotel establishment.


Staying in one of the five hotels named above while in Manuel Antonio guarantees full satisfaction with your visit to Manuel Antonio. All these hotels offer comfort and luxury as well as access to the beautiful beach and the jungle. So, during your visit to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, make sure you also get the experience of staying at these world-class hotels even as you explore the beautiful tropical thrills Manuel Antonio has to offer.